KOCK.rocks BiPolar Radio
Price List

Original: 24x19 in., Framed out to 29x24 inch.

Display Framed Sets include

  • Framed Original 29x24 inch. Original Drawing Size 24x19 inch
  • Reproduction 30x26 inch PENDING. Print 21½x17 inch.
  • Reproduction 15x12 inch. Print size 11x8½ inch.


KOCK.ROCKS Posters, Artwort and Products.
Signed & Numbered reproductions of the original artwork are only available from AJ Leibengeist while available. General artwork can be purchased from the following on-line sites: DeviantARt.com, RedBubble.com and Society6.com.

KOCK.rocks Original Poster
(1) This is the original art work for KOCK.rocks. Color pencil.
KOCK.rocks no URL
(2) The image has been "photoshopped" to remove the URL and smoother the skies.
The Punky Rooster is isolated and has different computer basic backgrounds
Punky Rooster on Rainbow
(3) Punky Rooster on dark spectrum
Punky Rooster on Gray
(4) Punky Rooster on Gray/Black
Punky Rooster on Black
(5) Punky Rooster on Black

(6) Punky Rooster on White
T-shirts with logos on Front and Back are only available from KOCK.rocks
KOCK.ROCKS T-Shirts are printed by VistaPrint.com on Fruit of the Loom® ink printed heavy cotton HD™ T-shirts available on White, Ash Gray and Black.
$25 Each (discounts on quanties)

T-Shirt Front
(7 front) VistaPrint T-shirt

T-Shirt Front (click for close up)
T-shirt Front Image

T-shirt Back
(7 back) VistaPrint T-shirt

T-Shirt Back (click for close up)
T-shirt Back Image

T-Shirt Solor Front An Optional Front or Back only print for T-Shirts is available.