(Alexander Johann) Leibengeist
is the pseudonym for David Alan Holding.

I grew up in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  I grew up exploring a variety of talents, crafts and skills, mostly to keep me busy and out of trouble. Been hyperactive since birth, keeping constructive didn't take much motivation. It also provided some income from time to time as well as under employment. 

I also do pretty good at custom leather goods. Leather craft, carpentry are among the hobbies I picked up early. The motivation to make my own things came from Mom and Dad.

In my post Navy years in San Diego, California, I picked a leather business name and logo from my Partner at that time. Black Sabbath Custom Leather (BSCL) became my focus for a couple of years. During my time in Kansas City, I operated BSCL for making my own bike and riding gear and for some hobby income.  

I'm now living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I'm allowing myself to pursue more artistic endeavourments on a daily basis.  "Imagination is the only weapon on the war against reality."

My current long-term goals are to create a portfolio of new art and design sketches. Some will be for riding and bike gear to incorporate the support or protection needed from injuries.  I'll be juggling those with my music radio/guitar project.